MRCPI – an international benchmark examination is now at or near your home, being organised by the Indian Chapter. MRCPI Part I was commenced for the first time in September 2005 and since then held 2-3 times every year. Part II written was started since November 2006 & Clinical since December 2007. As the current prospect of job, attachment & training in Ireland & U.K. has become extremely difficult before & after the qualifying exams (e.g. PLAB & TRAS) it is more important to consider this option seriously. Those who are taking any post graduate examination in Medicine and Paediatrics i.e. MD, DM, DNB should avail this opportunity to add another qualification with same preparation.
MRCPI General Medicine Part I Examination

All medical graduates from a recognized medical institution / University can appear for Part I after expiry of 12 months from the passing MBBS final Exam. Candidates are not required to have undergone training in specific posts before entry to the Part – I. This Examination is designed to assess a candidate's knowledge and understanding both of the basic sciences relevant to medical practice and of the common or important disorders, to a level appropriate for entry to specialist training.

The Examination consists of one paper, comprised of 100 questions, which includes:

MRCPI General Medicine Part II Written Examination

The MRCPI Part II General Medicine Written Examination is open to candidates who have successfully passed the MRCPI Part I Examination & must be taken within 7 years. The written section consists of two Best of Many format questions papers with 2 ½ hours allocated for each paper. Questions may include printed photographic reproduction of clinical findings including retinal photographs, imaging and graphical data or on occasion, pathological material relating to the question concerned

The Examination consists of two papers, each comprised of 75 questions, which includes:
MRCPI General Medicine Part II Clinical Examination

The Membership of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (MRCPI) Part II General Medicine Clinical Examination is available to candidates who successfully passed MRCPI Part II General Medicine Written within two years of the examination date.

The Clinical Section consists of:

The candidate spends 45 mins with the patient and then examined by a pair of examiners for 30 mins

Short cases:

Two long cases stations
You will examine two patients for 25 minutes each. You will be observed and examined for 12 minutes while you elicit clinical history and perform a thorough clinical examination of the patients. 8 minutes to present a brief summary of findings (active problems and differential diagnosis) and to perform a focused and directed examination 5 minutes to discuss investigations and management with examiner. Your ability to communicate will be tested throughout these stations by the observed history-taking, your interaction with the patient and your ability to clearly communicate with the examiner.

Five short cases stations
You will be examined by 5 independent examiners (one in each station) for 10 minutes each on your ability to elicit and interpret physical signs in the abdominal, neurological/locomotors, cardiology and respiratory systems and one communications station. In the first 6 minutes of the examination you will be instructed to examine the patient (based on the patient’s presentation) and elicit and interpret physical signs and the last 4 minutes of the examination, the examiner will ask you questions relevant to the clinical examination which you carried out.